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According to the UN, only 10% of all refugees worldwide have reliable access to electricity. Fires break out because refugees use wood fires for cooking, and darkness provides cover for rape and violence.

During the CBI Mediterranean Challenge 2016 at CERN, Team Bohr set out to address refugees’ energy requirements, and find an affordable way to optimize the available electricity at camps. Our modular extendable plug-n-play intelligent grid solution optimizes electricity allocation by prioritizing critical needs like those of hospitals, schools, and administrative buildings while addressing needs of individual shelters; and allows the addition of multiple sources of electricity.

It is flexible, affordable, and as safe and easy as plugging in an extension cord in a regular building. We are exploring collaborations with UNHCR, NGOs, and possibly, corporations. You can try the simulation here. Please contact us if you would like to know more.

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This is a realtime simulation of how OhmPower works. You can interact with it and watch how it grows!

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